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Monographic Library "Prof. Tsani Kalyandzhiev"

ISBN 978-954-21-0315-8

Monographic Library "Prof. Tsani Kalyandzhiev" was established by the Academic Council in 2002. It publishes monographies of more than 80 pages, included in the publishing plan of UE-Varna, in publishing format 60/90/16 and edition number 80. When there is proven interest and fast depletion of copies, it can be arranged publishing of additional copies.

In Monographic Library "Prof. Tsani Kalyandzhiev" are published scientific research writings, devoted to holistic study to only one significant scientific problem (topic, task, experiment), developed individually or collectively, containing noteworthy original theoretical studies of particularly high scientific level and having built structure (content).

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Elisaveta Marinova

Elisaveta Marinova

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