University of Economics – Varna

The University Mediation Center offers mediation as a form of alternative dispute resolution in the educational, research and training process. Mediation is available to employees, faculty members and students to help them end work-related conflict or resolve disputes caused in the educational, research or training process.



  We offer competent and quality assistance in conflict resolution.

  We raise awareness about mediation as a successful, efficient and cost-saving out-of-court dispute settlement in good faith.

  We develop communication culture in which people show tolerance and resolve conflict with good intentions

  We contribute to establishing conditions conducive to mediation practices in Bulgaria



We conduct mediation sessions at University of Economics – Varna.

We provide consulting services to raise awareness about mediation and its benefits.

We collaborate with accredited certification organisations to host and deliver mediation training and specialised courses, such as in Mediation in Education, etc.

We conduct research on mediation applicability and effectiveness.

We publish research and disseminate relevant material.

We host national and international conferences, round tables and other events to facilitate the exchange of ideas and hands-on expertise.

We participate in joint projects that UE – Varna carries out with external organizations and institutions.

We are pro-active in pursuing relations with local and international mediation organizations.

We disseminate good practices in mediation and out-of-court settlement.


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University Mediation Center

University Mediation Center

University Mediation Center

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