University of Economics – Varna

Research and PhD Programmes

The Research and PhD Programmes Office at University of Economics – Varna provides a range of admin services:

  • admission and training of postgraduate students;
  • academic proceedings as per the Members of Faculty Professional Development Act;
  • academic project management;
  • university conferences organisation;
  • registration of researchers, academic degrees and positions at Bulgaria’s National Centre of Information and Documentation.

Research is at the core of the Academic Goverance policy on the professional development of members of faculty.

Academic research at University of Economics – Varna focuses both on theory and practice. The outstanding achievements of the highly qualified academic staff and aspiring postgraduate students further benefit student training.

University of Economics – Varna provides an academic environment conducive to intensive research, offering the perfect venue for academic exchange and a driving force of professional development.

Contact: Office 503, Phone: +359 52 830 813, Email:


Emilia Kirecheva

Ralitsa Petkova

Ralitsa Petkova

Ralitsa Petkova

Admin Officer