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Department of Management and Administration

The Department of Management and Administration has trained professionals and business managers for over half a century now, enabling them to pursue careers in a range of businesses and in public administration.

The Department currently trains undergraduates in BSc Management and BSC Public Administration. Graduate students pursue degrees in MSc Organisational Management, MSc Public Management and Administration, and MSc Human Resources Management. The Department also administers a PhD programme in Social Management.

Members of faculty are proactive in their research and their contribution to academic publication has gained recognition in national and international academic journals. Academic staff are also part of prestigious editorial boards and associations, they are business consultants and they are involved in national and European projects. They have helped establish successful partnerships with businesses and public organizations. As a result, business representatives are actively involved in the teaching process and they share their hands-on expertise with students.

The Department of Management and Administration has greatly contributed to management training and the results have been outstanding as graduates get managerial positions in a range of industries, in services, communications, marketing and advertising, and in the financial sector. They pursue careers in education, in local government and in public administration. Many graduates start up their own businesses, run their family companies or get high-ranking jobs in competitive international companies.

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Maria Georgieva

Maria Georgieva

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