University of Economics – Varna


Undergraduate students may pursue their degrees in four faculties: the Faculty of Finance and Accounting, the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Management and the Faculty of IT.

A faculty is governed by its general assembly, faculty council and dean and it consists of departments.

The departments provide student training and do research in related degree programmes and they are governed by department councils and Heads of Department.

The College of Tourism – Varna is an integral part of University of Economics – Varna. Its predecessor was the International Tourism Institute, which was established in 1963 as Bulgaria’s first higher school that specialised in training professionals in the tourism, hospitality and leisure industries.

The College trains executive and middle management in two vocational programmes: Tourism and Leisure Management, and Hospitality Management.

College graduates receive vocational bachelor degrees, fully compliant with the European standards of vocational higher education in three years of training and 180 credits. Graduates may pursue vocational master degrees in Tourism:

University Centres

  • Master Degree Programmes Centre
  • Digital and Distance Learning Centre
  • Vocational Training Centre
  • International Education Centre
  • University Mediation Centre

Admin Offices and Divisions at University of Economics – Varna

  • Student Affairs Office
  • Legal Services and Public Procurement Office
  • Research and PhD Programmes Office
  • International Cooperation Office
  • Social and Sports Activities Office
  • IT and Maintenance Office
  • Economic and Investment Policy Office
  • Education Quality Assessment Division
  • Public Relations Division
  • Advertising Division
  • Project Management Division
  • Alumni and Careers Division
  • Career Centre
  • Student Scholarships and Accommodation Office
  • Education Quality Center
  • University Library
  • University Publishing House
  • university research centres
  • University Sports Centre
  • University Cultural Center
  • laboratories and others