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The Department of Slavic Languages was founded in 1991. Previously it had been part of the Foreign Languages Department, which had maintained the traditions in language teaching ever since the University had been founded as the Higher School of Commerce in 1920. The Department has offered its prep course in Bulgarian for international students since 1983.

The department provides language training in:

  • Russian for students in all bachelor and master degree programmes, full time and distance learning
  • Bulgarian as a foreign language: Introduction to General Bulgarian and Bulgarian for Specific Purposes
  • Bulgarian for international students of economics
  • Bulgarian for Erasmus +  mobility students
  • Bulgarian written business communication, a course that superseded the course in commercial correspondence started in 1926 at the Higher School of Commerce – Varna.

The Department offers these courses in the BSc Digital Media and PR degree programme at the Department of Marketing: Content Development, Online Media Manipulation and Misinformation, The Media and Society. In the MSc Publicity and Media Communications degree programme, the Department offers these courses: The Language of Business and Media Communication, and Communications and Media Manipulation.

The department has provided language teaching to international translators from  Bulgarian who work at the European Commission, European Parliament, and the European Court of Human Rights.  The department also offers language courses in Russian and Bulgarian to members of the general public.

The Department lecturers have written a number of academic papers and articles, textbooks and dictionaries.  They have contributed to research in Bulgarian Studies, Russian Studies, Sociolinguistics and FLT.

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Maria Georgieva

Maria Georgieva

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