University of Economics – Varna

Vision and Mission


Our vision is to maintain and expand our position as a leading university with a transformative impact on society through our continuous innovation in education, research, creativity and entrepreneurship.


Our mission is to create a transformative educational experience for our undergraduate and postgraduate students by providing a collaborative environment open to free exchange of ideas that fosters research, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, and by ensuring that all contributors are able to reach their full potential.

We achieve our mission through our commitment to:

  • helping our undergraduate and postgraduate students gain core theoretical and practical knowledge, develop skills, adopt a professional approach and better understand the economy;
  • conducting socially significant research by doing market-driven research in primary scientific areas;
  • providing career development opportunities for our members of faculty and our employees;
  • establishing and developing mutually beneficial and sustainable relations with our partners in education, business, public administration and with all other stakeholders locally and internationally.