Accounting (с преподаване на английски език), ОКС "бакалавър"

“Accounting” is a specialty approved by the academic council of the University of Economics- Varna in 2017.

Education in "Accounting" starts in September 2019.

If you have a visa procedure to pass or you need extra preparatory classes in English, it is a must to contact the international office in the university one year in advance before the Accounting course classes start for each next year.

The program is in the process of accreditation/ exemption evaluation by international professional organizations, which gives an extra value to it.

The main objective of the training in specialty "Accounting" is to prepare university graduates in accounting, analysis, auditing and connected areas.

The duration of training for the educational qualification "bachelor" is four years (eight semesters) for regular training. The curriculum includes 58 courses - 25 obligatory and 33 eligible.  The students receive a diploma "bachelor", after the successful graduation. This enables students to realize themselves in practice and to continue their education in a master degree education.

The teaching materials are based on the requirements for harmonization of accounting and auditing with international regalements. In each discipline are obtained credits, according to the Bologna conference. Graduates will have the advantage to continue smoothly their study or professional life both in Bulgaria and internationally. Accounting education is the base for multivariate potential successful professional realization regardless of sectoral affiliation of individual companies.

Graduates in “Accounting” can apply for the qualification of "Certified Public Accountant" in ICPA in Bulgaria and for other international certification degrees like the ones accredited by CIMA and ACCA. They could be accepted as doctoral students at universities and Bulgarian academy of science, after completing a master degree. The preparation they receive allows their successful career abroad- in business or to continue their education in foreign universities in prestigious graduate programs.

The education process is in modern conditions and pleasant surroundings in the sea capital of Bulgaria- Varna. You have the chance to study together with your friends, who chose other English bachelor programs in our town: 

- International Business and Business Economics in the University of Economics - Varna; International Business joint degree program with Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, Finland; International Management joint degree program with Worms University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

- Medicine (MD Programme) and Dental Medicine in the Medical University - Varna;

- Navigation, Ship mechanical engineering, Ship electrical engineering in the Naval academy of Varna;

 - Electronics, Computing, Software and Internet technologies, Navigation, Naval architecture and marine technology, Industrial management, Social management, Telecommunication and mobile technology in the Technical university - Varna;

The universities in our town propose the opportunity to continue your education in English language master degree programmes: 

-  Computer Science in the University of Economics - Varna; Joint and Double Degree Programmes in the University of Economics- Varna: International Business and Management with Nottingham Trent University, UK; International Business and Economics with Universal Business School – Mumbai, India; Informatics with Ural Federal University – Ekaterinburg, Russia;

- Master of Public Health (MPH Programme) in the Medical University- Varna;

- Information and communication technologies in the Naval academy of Varna;

- Technical university - Varna master degree programmes.

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Maq Georgieva


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Assoc. Prof. Anita Atanassova, PhD


Chief Assist. Prof. Nadezhda Popova-Yosifova, PhD