University of Economics – Varna

The 42nd edition of the International Education Fair IEFT (International Education Fairs of Turkey) was held in the period from 10.11.2023 to 16.11.2023 in Turkey.

Prof. Jens. K Perret, a guest-lecturer from the International School of Management in Cologne, visited the University of Economics – Varna under the Erasmus+ program for the purpose of teaching.

During the Bulgarian evening, specially organized for the foreign students, the IRO welcomed them according to the old Bulgarian tradition-with bread with salt and honey.

Nearly 40 students from more than 15 countries in and outside Europe will spend this winter semester under the Erasmus+ programme at the University of Economics - Varna.

During the talks, future joint initiatives in which the students of the University of Economics – Varna will participate were discussed.

The British Council in Bulgaria and the Embassy of Great Britain participated online in the International Staff Week, which UE – Varna organized last week.

He presented the Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, USA, with a focus on successful models of cooperation with European Universities.

International Relations Office received an invitation to organize a similar event at the University of Economics and Pedagogy in the city of Karshi, Uzbekistan.

The Fourth International Staff Week, organised by the University of Economics – Varna under the Erasmus+ Programme, began yesterday 2023/07/03.

Over 15 Countries from Four Continents will be Represented at the 4th Edition of the Annual Event