University of Economics – Varna

The Turkish delegation was led by the Vice-Rector of Ankara University Prof. Dr. Hasan Serdar Öztürk.

Representatives from the International Relations Office at the University of Lagos, Nigeria participated in Erasmus+ staff mobility at the University of Economics – Varna.

From March 18 to March 22, 2024, Assoc. Prof. Kaloyan Kolev, PhD Head of the Department of General Economic Theory at the UE – Varna, participated in a staff mobility under the Erasmus+ program at the University of Johannesburg in Johannesburg.

From March 18 to March 22, 2024, Prof. Stoyan Marinov, PhD and Assistant Rector Svilen Stolarov participated in a staff mobility under the Erasmus+ program at Trakia University in Edirne, Turkey.

The foreign students were welcomed in the old Bulgarian tradition with bread with salt and honey.


At the meeting, it will be explained how to apply, what are the requirements for the applicants, information about partner universities, etc. There will be a timeframe for a discussion panel when participants can ask additional questions.

Nearly 40 students from more than 10 countries in and outside Europe will spend this summer semester under the Erasmus+ programme at the UEV. Most of the international students who chose UE – Varna are from Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain.

The 42nd edition of the International Education Fair IEFT (International Education Fairs of Turkey) was held in the period from 10.11.2023 to 16.11.2023 in Turkey.

Prof. Jens. K Perret, a guest-lecturer from the International School of Management in Cologne, visited the University of Economics – Varna under the Erasmus+ program for the purpose of teaching.

During the Bulgarian evening, specially organized for the foreign students, the IRO welcomed them according to the old Bulgarian tradition-with bread with salt and honey.