University of Economics – Varna

The ESSENCE project intends to improve employability opportunities for HE students by stimulating soft skills development.


Among the topics for discussion are the Bulgarian fintech ecosystem, real-life blockchain use cases in fintech, cyber risk management with rank based models and explainable AI, smart contracts - application and more.

Vocational students might be an exception providing there is a drop in COVID-19 cases nationally

The PROMINENCE team at the University of Economics – Varna is pleased to announce that this international project has been successfully concluded.

ESSENCE offers students and recent graduates a set of soft skills to help them boost their employability and job competitiveness.

Over forty students from Europe, Africa, Northern and Southern America worked on international marketing strategies in virtual cross-cultural teams, with the University of Mont Blanc Savoie hosting the event online.


CIMA is the world's largest professional organization in the field of accounting management.

University of Economics – Varna is the first university in Bulgaria that has organized such remote training for international students.

Enrollment for the programme has officially started