University of Economics – Varna

Knowledge exchange session between the experts of the University of Economics – Varna, FSC, BFA and representatives of fintech companies in Bulgaria, dedicated to blockchain technology, under the FIN-TECH project, HORIZON 2020 program

Within the two-day’s session the participants will discuss the Bulgarian fintech ecosystem, real-life blockchain use cases in fintech, cyber risk management with rank based models and explainable AI, smart contracts - management, opportunities and risks, analysis of the cryptocurrency market applying different prototype-based clustering techniques, etc.

The event is held within the project FIN - TECH "A FINancial supervision and TECHnology compliance training programme", funded by HORIZON 2020 program, in which the University of Economics - Varna and Financial Commission Supervision represent Bulgaria in a consortium, composed of 24 countries. Each country is presented by an educational institution in the field of higher education and the regulatory body for the non-banking sector.

Since the start of the project in early 2019, the experts of the University of Economics - Varna and FSC participated in two more sessions for knowledge exchange in the fields of big data and artificial intelligence. UE - Varna and FSC jointly organized and held an International Round Table "Peer to peer lending in Europe and the Balkan Peninsula".

A scientific report on "The Symbiosis" FINTECH-REGTECH-SUPTECH "or a vision for high- tech financial regulation" was presented at the UE-Varna’ Jubilee International Scientific Conference "Economic Science, Education and the Real Economy: Development and Interaction in the Digital Age", May 11-12, 2020. Three scientific publications authored by expert’s team of University of Economics - Varna for organization, management and implementation of the project FIN-TECH are also result of the project:

Aleksandrova, Y. (2021). Comparing Performance of Machine Learning Algorithms for Default Risk Prediction in Peer to Peer Lending //TEM Journal. Volume 10, Issue 1, February 2021

Vachkov, St., N. Valkanov (2021). Regulation, Competition and Partnership in the Financial Sector // Izvestiya, Journal of UE-Varna, 

Vachkov, St., N. Valkanov (2021). Some Aspects of Regulatory Optimizations in the Financial Sector // Economics and Management, Volume: XVІІІ, Issue: 1, Year: 2021,


Over 20 international FIN-TECH webinars have been organized so far on various topics: "Digital Asset Banking: At the forefront of innovation in a highly regulated market", "Blockchain Technology and Financial Regulation: A Risk-Based Approach to the Regulation of ICOs", "Portfolio Compression in Financial Networks: Incentives and Systemic Risk", "Blockchain and technological risks", "Risk in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies" and etc., which available for the participation of all stakeholders.

Additional information about the upcoming webinars and other events under the FIN - TECH project , as well as about the other projects on which the University of Economics - Varna is working, is regularly published on the official website of the University of Economics - Varna.

13 Apr 2021