University of Economics – Varna

For the sixth consecutive year University of Economics – Varna has performed remarkably well in U-Multirank, the prestigious global international rankings.

This is the first Board election for any UE – Varna Rector

Under an initiative of the Bulgarian Embassy to Montenegro, representatives of Bulgarian universities were hosted at the University of Montenegro.

UE – Varna is the second Bulgarian university to have entered the rankings

UE – Varna was the only Bulgarian university to take part in the higher education fair in Turkey, which featured over 65 universities from around the world, including universities from the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Great Britain, France ect.

Exams to be taken in person on the university premises

The Bulgarian Embassy in Nigeria invited the University of Economics – Varna to organise an online meeting with representatives of Ghanaian institutions this week to strengthen their partnership and promote mobility opportunities for students and staff.

A new partnership agreement with Dangara State University (DSU) was signed as well.

The event is organized by the International Relations Office and dedicated to the International Students Day.

During the days of the exhibition it was given the opportunity to universities to present their majors and training opportunities