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2021 г. - 2024 г., ERASMUS + "Process-based Business Management module", PRODIMOD

Project Title: Process-based Business Management module
Project Acronym: PRODIMOD
Project ID: 2021-1-EE01-KA220-HED-000023269
Project Start/End Date: 1st November 2021 - 1st April 2024 
Project Duration: 29 months
Programme: ERASMUS +
Action Type: KA220-HED - Cooperation partnerships in higher education
Field: Higher Education
Horizontal Priority: Addressing digital transformation through development of digital readiness, resilience and capacity 
TTK University of Applied Sciences, Tallinn, Estonia – project coordinator

The main goal of the PRODIMOD project is the development of an educational module "Process-based management in enterprises" for educational institutions of applied sciences in the field of higher education, which meets the needs of the modern business environment, and includes digitization and automation of business processes.
The PRODIMOD project addresses two important challenges facing the education sector - one in the direction of business reality and the second, with a focus on society, namely:
  • Improving the quality of higher education and aligning it with the needs of the labor market;
  • Improving the level of skills acquired in higher education institutions through new educational programs, using innovations and strengthening internationalization.
Additional objectives are:
  • Achieving coherence and strengthening the connection between entrepreneurship and education;
  • Introduction of innovative techniques in the learning process;
  • Improving the use of digital tools;
  • Development of international cooperation;
  • Attracting new partners.

During the implementation process of the PRODIMOD project, the partner institutions will develop a training module on "Process-based Management", which can be implemented in various higher education curricula. Several activities are planned for implementation, one of which is a study of business expectations in the field of process management and requirements according to national and international professional standards.
Result ID1
1. Specification of the expectations of enterprises in the field of process management and the requirements according to national and international professional quality standards. 
2. Development of the objectives and learning outcomes of the module. 
3. Design of experiential learning materials for applied sciences higher education studies implementing team-based learning methods. 
Result ID2
1. Cooperation with regional enterprises to work out BPM cases based on real data collected from enterprises, and which will be the basis of problem-based learning materials.
2. Formalization of cases in the agreed (audio-visual) form. 
Result ID3
1. Working out the requirements of suitable e-course design and architecture for the module “Process-Based Management in Enterprises”. 
2. Choice and adoption of e-learning platform. 
3. Digitalisation and publication of the results gained in PR 1 and PR 2 on e-platform. 
4. Piloting and testing the e-course.
5. Improvement of the e-course according to the test results.

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26.04.2023 - Invitation to participate in the first project multiplier event for sharing intellectual results with stakeholders.

28.04.2023 - Multiplier event within "Process-based Business Management module (PRODIMOD)"

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