University of Economics – Varna

Public Transportation

Bus schedule in Varna

The city of Varna is a major transportation centre in Bulgaria. You have different options for arrival/departure – by air transport, by bus, by train or by car. The airport is one of the biggest in the country and has flights to/from most European countries. To get to the airport by public transportation, you can take bus 409 which runs about every 15 minutes to/from the Golden Sands Resort with the city stop at Vladislav Varnenchik (western side of the Cathedral). One-way ticket costs around 3 BGN.

The two bus stations ( and the train station ( service almost all destinations to/from Varna. To get to the bus station by public transportation, you can take buses 109 or 409. To get to the train station,you can take buses 20 or 13. One-way ticket within the city costs 1 BGN.

Alternatively, there are taxi companies available to take you anywhere:

OK Trans Taxi   052 500500
Lasia Taxi   052 500000
Omega Taxi   052 388888
Varna Taxi   052 555555
Triumf taxi   052 644444