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Department of Economics of Tourism Management

The Department of Economics of Tourism Management provides teaching staff academic development opportunities and encourages academic research so that the Department could ultimately offer students high-quality training in tourism management.

Tourism graduates are highly sought out in the job market both locally and internationally and their tourism degrees have been widely valued.

In 1965 University of Economics – Varna launched Bulgaria’s first degree programme in tourism with the strategic mission to train top management for the country’s booming tourism industry. The Department of Economics of Tourism Management was set up two years later, in 1967, to administer and manage the programme.

The Department has emerged as a leader in national vocational degree training for tourism professionals.

As part of the Faculty of Management at University of Economics – Varna, the Department offers a range of degree programmes to its students:

  • BSc Tourism, BSc Международный туризм (International Tourism taught in Russian)
  • MSc International Tourism Business
  • PhD Economics and Management (Tourism).

The Department has educated over 4,000 undergraduate and graduate students, including more than 300 international students. Over the years the Department has trained over 50 PhD students who have successfully completed their theses. The Department is a well-established academic and consulting centre of research, analyses and strategies in tourism. As a result of their research, lecturers have written hundreds of academic publications in tourism. Along with their theoretical expertise, they also share rich hands-on experience in the tourism industry. Members of faculty speak two foreign

The Department prioritises:

  • developing key competencies in students,
  • conducting empirical and theoretical research and
  • establishing partnerships with tourism companies

so that students can benefit from internships in the tourism industry and from the involvement of tourism professionals in teaching.

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