University of Economics – Varna

Business and Management - in English

Degree: Bachelor

Type of education: Full-time

Number of semesters: 8

Professional qualification: Economics

Professional field: ECONOMICS

First year: 2022

Professional knowledge, skills and competences

The BSc International Business and Management degree programme has been designed for future business leaders keen on developing and strengthening their understanding of areas and concepts critical to the success of 21st century global business. Core theoretical concepts are closely related to a practical application of skills and competences in real-life business projects.

The framework of this full-time undergraduate degree programme enables students to keep abreast of a range of dynamic modules relevant to the aspirations and needs of a new generation of international business experts.

The curriculum has been adopted from Nottingham Trent University (NTU) and it is constantly reviewed and developed through consultation with other international students, employers and alumni. A close collaboration with external businesses and organisations is at the core of this programme design so that students can experience case-based business work for real.

These are the modules included in the BSc International Business and Management degree programme:

  • Economy and Society in the European Union
  • International Economics
  • English
  • Dissertation Seminar
  • Global Business Environment
  • International Entrepreneurship
  • Contemporary International Marketing Strategies
  • International HR and Information Management
  • Research Methods
  • Social Responsibility, Compliance and Accountability
  • Contemporary Issues in International Strategic Management

Teaching and learning methods are centred around interactive student-generated workshops and employ case studies, problem-based learning (PBL), discussions, business simulations and group activities. Interactivity is key to the teaching process and members of faculty are committed to providing modules that adopt teaching methods matching student needs and market demands.

UE – Varna ensures that support and guidance is available so that students enjoy and benefit from a student-centred learning environment.

The BSc International Business and Management degree programme provides opportunities for students to develop skills through innovative teaching and learning methods. The inclusion of local and international business experts further help students:

  • Gain experience in a wide range of strategic management subject areas.
  • Focus on contemporary global business challenges and cross-cultural management issues.
  • Understand the way organisations capture value through new products and services and deliver value through international positioning strategies.
  • Take critical decisions on global business environment challenges and corporate social responsibilities.
  • Get unique opportunities to complete real-life projects.
  • Learn the best business practices shared by renowned guest lecturers and leading business experts.
  • Benefit from more study opportunities through extra-curricular activities.

Global market dynamics require a growing awareness of the importance and scope of international business. It further demands an understanding of the various ways new market entry strategies affect global business operations. In such a turbulent environment, international managers need to
fully comprehend the complex issues companies face and select the best corporate strategy.


Tuition incorporates up-to-date theoretical knowledge and practical skills developed in an innovative learning environment. Students conduct business research, solve real-life case studies. They write academic papers and reviews, compile business reports, draw strategic analyses, complete research
based projects. PBLs, role-play, and e-learning are used to support students and offer feedback. A range of assessment methods are used in different types of modules. Some modules may assess student teamwork skills, others may assess individual performance. Types of assessment range from
examinations to group presentations.

Career opportunities

The BSc International Business and Management degree programme aims to prepare students to become top-performing managers in international companies and/or their divisions. Graduates can pursue careers such as:

  • International business analysts
  • International brand managers
  • Transnational marketing executives
  • Department Managers
  • Communications Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • International HR managers
  • Import and export specialists
  • CEOs of service companies, etc.

Students may join graduate management trainee programmes and pursue careers with companies they have completed business projects for as part of their studies. Alternatively, graduates can set up their own businesses or they can work in local or international companies as managers in international trade, marketing, logistics, HR or develop and complete international business projects.

  1. Basic purpose of the characteristics
  • To characterize the peculiarities, content and structure of the curriculum of the specialty "Business and Management (with English language teaching)", as well as the disciplines included therein and their purpose.
  • To define the professional knowledge, skills and competences of the specialist in the field of business and management with a Bachelor's Degree, in accordance with the established under Level 6 of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) - Sub-Level 6B Bachelor, respectively Level 6 of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) - First cycle of the Framework for Qualifications of the European Higher Education Area (FQEHEA).
  • To serve as a basis for the development and improvement of the educational documentation (curriculum and syllabuses), as well as the educational content in the training of students in the speciality "Business and Management (with English language teaching)".
  • To provide the necessary scientific, theoretical and practical basis for training in the speciality with the wide and effective use of modern methods and tools.
  • To give a real idea to the students about the possibilities of their future professional realization and about the specific positions that they can occupy after their graduation.




  1. Professional knowledge and skills

The main objective of the training in speciality “Business and Management (with English language teaching) is the preparation of competent economists to be successful in the labor market in small, medium and large enterprises of national and international character, as well as to start their own business and manage it effectively.

In this context, the scope of professional knowledge and skills includes:

1. Knowledge and skills to create business units in accordance with the particularities of the environment, including:

  • market analyzes and analyzes of the business environment in all its forms and characteristics;
  • strategic planning and undertaking entrepreneurial initiatives;
  • preparation of financial and market justifications in order to adapt new or existing business to external and internal factors;
  • developing strategies for new or developing an existing business;
  • targeting in the field of business and management;
  • planning of contractual relations with potential clients and business contractors;
  • developing plans to market new or existing products on national and international markets;
  • preparation of investment plans and financial analyzes, etc.

2. Process management in operating business organizations, including:

  • successful execution and implementation of strategic decisions;
  • human resources management in business organizations;
  • management of investment and business projects;
  • managing the product portfolio;
  • resolving business-level conflicts;
  • successful and efficient negotiation with clients and contractors;
  • management of innovative solutions;
  • management of corporate social responsibility of business organizations;
  • management of finances and related peculiarities of financial and accounting activities of organizations;
  • use of information technologies for successful implementation of business development strategies and plans, etc.

In addition to the professional knowledge and skills mentioned above, speciality training emphasizes the development of comprehensive analytical practical thinking.

  1. Training in programme “Business and management (with English language teaching)”

The “Business and management” (with English language teaching) course is full-time, entirely taught in English and aims to provide broad training for trainees in the creation and management of business units.

The graduates of the full training course receive a Bachelor's degree in Professional field “Economics” in accordance with the national classifier of higher education and professional areas and in accordance with the state requirements for higher education in Bulgaria.

For the purposes of the speciality, the use of modern teaching methods by highly qualified professors with a rich theoretical and practical experience, supported by innovative technical means and a well-developed material base is envisaged.

The duration of the training is 8 semesters (4 years), and the disciplines studied are structured in 3 tiers:

In tier 1  are situated basic disciplines, the aim of which is to provide general basic knowledge in economics, mathematics, information technology, finance, accounting, marketing, introduced into the theoretical foundations of management and others. Foreign language learning is also envisaged in this tier in order to enrich the general language preparation of students. The study of subjects in the specified tier is a prerequisite for the skillful and effective learning of the study material included in the disciplines in the following two tiers.

Tier 2 includes university specialized subjects. Their main task is to complement the accumulated knowledge of statistics, law, business communications, european studies and more.

Tier 3 sets out disciplines aimed at acquiring a narrowly specialized knowledge of business and management, incl. human resources management; entrepreneurship and innovation; sales management; financial and investment management, business analysis research methods; strategic marketing and more.

In order to ensure effective learning of the teaching materials during the lectures and seminars, active work on practical applied cases and tasks, role-playing games, participation in discussions, etc. is utilized.

For the purpose of graduation, students are given the opportunity to choose between two forms: a thesis defense or a comprehensive state exam.


  1. Career opportunities

Graduates of the “Business and Management” (with english language teaching) speciality have the opportunity to pursue the following careers:

    • Managers in the field of business services, administrative and financial activities; policy and strategic planning executives, incl. human resources management, sales, marketing and development, production, tourism, trade and more.
    • Profesionals in the field of finance, personnel management and career development, sales, marketing and public relations, administrative and expert practitioners, incl. office managers and more.
    • Economic and financial analysts and management and organization analysts; analysts, market research and business efficiency; business consultants; management consultants and more.

Along with these alternatives, graduates will develop a sufficient degree of entrepreneurship skills and knowlwdge, which is a prerequisite for the realization of their own business ideas in terms of setting up new businesses with different fields of activity and again with an international character.

  1. Competence to be acquired by students during their training in programme “Business and management (with English language teaching)”

According to the National qualifications framework, students acquire the following competencies:

1. Self-dependence and responsibility:

  • possesses the ability to administer complex professional activities, including teams and resources, administratively;
  • assumes responsibility for decision-making in complex circumstances, under the influence of various interacting and difficult to predict factors;
  • shows creativity and initiative in the management activity;
  • assesses the need to train others in order to increase team effectiveness.

2. Learning competencies:

  • consistently evaluate their own qualifications by assessing the knowledge and skills they have acquired so far and plan the need to expand and update their professional qualifications.

3. Communication and social competences:

  • formulate and present clearly and understandably ideas, problems and solutions to specialists and non-specialists;
  • expresses attitude and understanding on issues using methods based on qualitative and quantitative descriptions and evaluations;
  • shows a broad personal outlook and shows understanding and solidarity with others;
  • communicates fully in some of the most common European languages.

4.Professional competences:

  • collects, classifies, evaluates and interprets marketing data in order to solve specific tasks;
  • apply the acquired knowledge and skills in new or unfamiliar conditions;
  • has the ability to analyze in a broader or interdisciplinary context;
  • uses new strategic approaches; forms and expresses his / her own opinion on social and ethical issues arising in the process of work.
First year
Studied subjects Semester Credits Type of grading Student involvement
Total Self-study Classes
Informatics 1 9 Exam 270 195 75
Microeconomics 1 9 Exam 270 195 75
Physical Education 1 1 Ongoing assessment 30 0 30
Applied Mathematics 1 9 Exam 270 195 75
Electives (1) 1 3 Ongoing assessment 90 60 30
Management 2 8 Exam 240 165 75
Macroeconomics 2 8 Exam 240 165 75
Physical Education 2 1 Ongoing assessment 30 0 30
Principles of Law 2 8 Exam 240 165 75
Electives (1) 2 3 Ongoing assessment 90 60 30
Accounting Theory 3 9 Exam 270 195 75
Introduction to Finance 3 9 Exam 270 195 75
Physical Education 3 1 Ongoing assessment 30 0 30
Marketing 3 8 Exam 240 165 75
Electives (1) 3 4 Exam 120 60 60
Physical Education 4 1 Ongoing assessment 30 0 30
Total for CORE 0 0
Academic Research 2 3 Ongoing assessment 90 60 30
Fundamentals of Business 4 9 Exam 270 195 75
Operational Management 5 8 Exam 240 165 75
CSR & Business Ethics 5 8 Exam 240 180 60
Start-up and Innovations 5 8 Exam 240 165 75
Electives (1) 5 6 Exam 180 120 60
Human Resource Management 6 6 Exam 180 120 60
International Trade 6 7 Exam 210 135 75
Sales Management and Logistics 6 7 Exam 210 135 75
Electives (1) 6 5 Exam 150 90 60
Financial and Investment Management 7 8 Exam 240 165 75
Research Methods 7 8 Exam 240 180 60
International Business 7 8 Exam 240 180 60
Electives (1) 7 6 Exam 180 120 60
Graduate Seminar 8 5 Exam 150 120 30
Financial and Business Analysis 8 5 Exam 150 75 75
Strategic Marketing and Management 8 5 Exam 150 90 60
Problem solving for business 8 5 Exam 150 90 60
Total for Special 0 0
University specialised
Introduction to Statistics 4 9 Exam 270 195 75
Electives (1) 4 6 Exam 180 120 60
Electives (1) 4 6 Exam 180 120 60
Total for University specialised 0 0
Practical Training 6 8 Exam 240 240 0
Total for Practical 0 0
Electives (1)
  • Thesis Defense
  • Comprehensive State Exam
8 10 Exam 300 300 0
Total for Graduate 0 0
Total for the entire period of study 247 7410 5175 2235

Optional courses Semester Credits Student involvement
Total Self-study Classes
Foreign Language - English
Semester 3
Semester 4
Semester 5
3, 4, 5 3, 3, 3 270 180 90
Foreign Language - German
Semester 3
Semester 4
Semester 5
3, 4, 5 3, 3, 3 270 180 90
Foreign Language - French
Semester 3
Semester 4
Semester 5
3, 4, 5 3, 3, 3 270 180 90
Foreign Language - Russian
Semester 3
Semester 4
Semester 5
3, 4, 5 3, 3, 3 270 180 90
Foreign Language - Portuguese 3, 4, 5 3, 3, 3 270 180 90
Administrative and Legal Service 5 3 90 60 30
Physical Education 5, 6, 7 1, 1, 2 120 0 120
Business Culture and Traditions 6 3 90 60 30
Taxation and taxation process 7 3 90 60 30