University of Economics – Varna

WORKSHOPS/Information Literacy trainings

With an aim to boost and support the reader’s work and study environment, the Library carries out various training sessions on information literacy. This is for all students, doctoral students, tutors and other service employees of the University.

1. Group training for students - an introduction to the Library’s facilities, procedures, services, collections, the Library’s web page, the electronic catalogue search engine and electronic research databases.

Prior to use of service the reader must present a form listing: tutor name, course details, the date and time.

2. Training sessions for tutors and PhD students at the start of every winter and summer term with an in advance produced program by the Information Services librarians.

These sessions are announced on the University website and sent via electronic letters to each department.

Topics covered include – an overview of the library electronic resources, potential improvements in the study procedures, citation tools and bibliographic management, evaluation of researchers, academic journals and institutions.

3. One to one consultations for students and tutors, who enquire upon a specific subject of interest and its research process.

To apply for all group or individual training sessions please contact:
0882164646 or visit sector ‘’Information Services’’ at the Library reading area.

To apply for all group or individual training sessions please contact:

sector "Information Services"

sector "Information Services"

sector "Information Services"

UE-Varna, 6th floor, at the Library reading area