University of Economics – Varna

Faculty of Computer Science

The Faculty of Computer Sciences has functioned as a major faculty at Varna University of Economics since 1992. The faculty incorporates the departments of Computer Sciences, Statistics, Mathematics, and Physical Education and Sports.

The highly competent faculty members offer students quality and modern training in contemporary programmes in the bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctor’s degree. State-of-the-art technologies are employed in training along with well-stocked databases.

The bachelor’s degree training of students is conducted in the Computer Sciences major in the professional field of Computer Sciences. Students pursue their bachelor degrees in Business Information Systems, and Statistics and Econometrics within the professional field of economics. In the master degree students show keen interest in Computer Sciences, Applied Computer Sciences, Financial Markets forecasting, and IT Innovations in Business. PhD programs are offered in the professional field of Computer Sciences: Computer Sciences and in the professional field of Economics: Economic Application of Computing; Statistics and  Demography; Optimal Management of Economic Systems.

Faculty members complete academic research projects at Varna University of Economics; they take part in European student and teaching staff mobility programmes. They teach international students under the Erasmus programme. They deliver lectures at other European universities. They maintain partnerships with the Bulgarian Academy of Science, large software and hardware companies, and the National Statistics Institute.

The high quality of training has been confirmed by our students’ impressive performance at international and national competitions in mathematics and computer sciences as well as the excellent career development of graduates.

Contact person

Ana Yanakieva

Ana Yanakieva

Ana Yanakieva

Dean Secretary, Student Liaison Officer


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