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University of Economics - Varna together with Regional Agency for Entrepreneurship and Innovations - Varna are the new EIT Food Hub 2024 - 2025 for Bulgaria

A key success became a fact on 12.03.2024 as a result of the joint work of the University of Economics - Varna (UE-Varna) and the Regional Agency for Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Varna (RAPIV). As of March 15, 2024, the two organizations will act as the EIT Food Hub for Bulgaria for 2024 and 2025 .

The partnership application was submitted at the beginning of 2024 as part of a procedure for the selection of participants for the implementation of the Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) of the European Institute of Food Innovation and Technology (EIT Food ) .

The EIT Food RIS is based on a strategic approach for a long-term presence of the EIT in the RIS countries and creates conditions for sharing good practices and experiences arising from the activities of the EIT Community, as well as expanding participation in the activities of the nine Knowledge Communities and innovators and ( KIC) across Europe.

EIT Food Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) implementation activities are coordinated by the EIT Food Co-Location Center North-East , founded in 2017 in Warsaw, Poland.

The EIT Food Hub for Bulgaria is tasked with stimulating the innovative and entrepreneurial potential of the country and promoting Bulgarian representation on an international scale through public engagement and educational activities. All instruments for the implementation of the EIT Food portfolio are structured in an annual work plan, the funding of which depends on the implementation of the hub's activities.

The strengths shared by UE-Varna and RAPIV, which led to the partnership's award place in the evaluation process, are multifaceted and multi-layered – consistency in demonstrating participation in EU research and scientific projects and events related to EIT Food missions and training in entrepreneurship, a strong focus on entrepreneurship through the Innovative Partnership Network - UEBN, a broad thematic focus, an experienced and competent team composed primarily of academic staff but with clear practical project implementation and experience, appropriate infrastructure, a well-developed communication plan and communication schedule, targeted at specific audiences, presented convincing evidence of awareness of the challenges in the regional agri-food sector and knowledge of the agri -food industry in the country, identified the most suitable local stakeholders who are also partners in some of the scientific projects or events, clearly outlined activities and key goals for the next year, including an overall strategy, well-structured UE-Varna's vision for the EIT Food Hub, ambitious and in line with the goals of the EIT Food program and the broader goals of regional innovation, demonstrated good understanding of impact, which can be achieved by creating business and support programs through EIT Food, to bring new technologies and products to market, etc.

University of Economics - Varna has also been successful in activities in the areas of two other Knowledge and Innovation Communities ( KIC) within the structure of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT):

In 2022, UE-Varna became an associate partner in EIT Culture & Creativity - the latest pan-European Knowledge and Innovation Community within the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) .

EIT Urban mobility funded three projects where University of Economics - Varna participates like partner :

2023: SFFDEEPT+ project "DeepTech in Higher Education Institutions and Ecosystems through Entrepreneurial Education+" with lead partner University of Aveiro, city Avairo, Portugal .

2022: Project TANDEM+ "Transformation, Acceleration, Networking, Development, Entrepreneurial Education and Mentoring+" with lead partner University of Aveiro, city Avairo, Portugal .

2021: EUFORIA project “Education Framework for Urban Resilience Innovation Activities” with presenter partner The Edge: Research & Business Development Solutions, Bulgaria .

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14 Mar 2024