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Department of Agricultural Economics

The Department of Agricultural Economics was founded in 1990 to train professionals in key, wide-ranging competences in all areas of contemporary public life that require specialized knowledge and skills in agricultural economics.

In the current economic realities, the Department of Agricultural Economics has a well-established identity and a mission to be a leader in the European educational area.

The department prioritizes top quality training of students in contemporary and topical areas of the agricultural business combined with the development of core competences in economics. As a result, graduating students are qualified professionals who are highly sought after by organisations in the agricultural business, public administration, research centres, etc. 

The department conducts crucial academic research with practical implications and offers competitive solutions with sustainable economic and social repercussions.

The Department of Agricultural Economics administers the undergraduate BSc Agricultural Business (full time) and BSc EcoEconomics (distance learning) programmes, along with two master degree programmes MSc Agricultural Business and MSc Business Consulting, which are offered full time online or in distance learning.

The Department of Agricultural Economics offers the PhD Agricultural Business programme in the professional field of Economics 3.8.  Since the department was established, there have been seven successful PhD theses, with eight full-time PhD students currently trained at the department.

The department members conduct wide-ranging research with practical implications in a joint effort with national, regional and international organisations. The department pro-actively collaborates with businesses, non-governmental organizations, and the public administration. This adds value to research as research findings are applied and tested to find real-time solutions to current problems. 

The Department of Agricultural Economics invites business representatives, public administration officers and non-governmental experts to contribute to the process of education.

To encourage faculty members to offer consulting services, the department has initiated a number of incentives. This has created opportunities for University of Economics – Varna to benefit from a growing number of enquiries about social and business consulting projects. Students have been heavily involved in their completion, and this collaboration has resulted in increased job opportunities for  students, along with better implementation of project results.

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