University of Economics – Varna

University of Economics – Varna with a unique international initiative without analogue in Bulgaria

During the fourth consecutive International Week "Enriching Mobility Experience" under the "Erasmus+" programme at the University of Economics – Varna, the International Relations Office received an invitation to organize a similar event at the University of Economics and Pedagogy in the city of Karshi, Uzbekistan. The proposal was made personally by the rector of our partner university, assoc. prof. Otabek Bozorov, who is endlessly impressed by the organization and the programme of the International Staff Week at UE – Varna.

The main highlights related to the upcoming forum in Uzbekistan have already been discussed, and the accumulated experience of our university in the preparation of strategic international events will be used. The focus of the forum is expected to be on developing joint cooperation between European and Central Asian higher education institutions. More than 50 universities from Asia and Europe will be invited to the event, which will take place in mid-March 2024. University of Economics – Varna is the first Bulgarian university to receive an invitation to organize a forum of this type in another country, which is an important step towards the development of the business network of partner countries under the “Erasmus+” programme.

07 Jul 2023