University of Economics – Varna

The Twelfth International Week of the Erasmus+ Program at the University of Economics in Katowice, Poland

The University of Economics in Katowice, Poland, invites lecturers to an international week from May 8th to the 13th, 2023. The general topic of the event is: Internet Communication Management comprises a wide range of subjects ranging from Management and Marketing to Information and Communication Technologies. The lecturers are expected to deliver one course (8 or 16 academic hours) to one student group in their field, but there will be opportunities to deliver more courses during the week if they are willing to. The teaching methods are absolutely up to the lecturers. They are permitted to preach or provide presentations, as well as encourage students to participate in workshops, discussions, projects, presentations, etc.

During the event, participating lecturers are invited to take part in a seminar on Smart Technology and Smart Research, during which they can present their research results, their institution, and their country.

Registration form must be filled and sent by e-mail to by 30-th of January 2023

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19 Jan 2023