University of Economics – Varna

Participation of UE – Varna in an International financial webinar

On Monday 8 November 2021, Damiano Oriente, an intern from the University of Molise, Italy in the International Relations Office at University of Economics – Varna, attended the online international webinar "Sustainable Finance and Investments: Experiences and Perspectives''.

The event was organized by MIB Trieste School of Management with the cooperation of the Bank of Italy. Since last January, the Bank of Italy's range of publications has been enriched with a new series "Markets, infrastructures, payment systems" (MISP), which collects information, analysis and research contributions from the Bank on developments in the field of instruments and payment infrastructures and financial markets. These areas are undergoing radical transformations in the wake of financial innovation and the development of digital technologies. At the webinar the paper of the MISP series "Green Bonds: The Sovereign Issuers Perspective", illustrated by the expert Vittorio Siracusa was presented.

A round table followed the webinar, focused on the topic of finance and sustainable investments, with contributions from market players and the Bank of Italy. Panelists were as follows:

  • Andrea Tracogna, Dean of MIB Trieste School of Management
  • Marco Martella, Director Trieste branch of the Bank of Italy
  • Vittorio Siracusa, Expert, Bank of Italy, Department of Markets and Payment Systems, Market Operations Service
  • Luca Moroni, CFO, Hera Group
  • Michele Marinucci, Head of Insurance Relationship Management, Assicurazioni Generali SpA Elisa Belgacem, Senior Credit Strategist, Generali Investments
  • Ivan Faiella, Bank of Italy, Director, Department of Economics and Statistics, Financial Stability Service
  • Moderator: Giorgio Valentinuz, Core Faculty and Director of the Executive Master in Insurance & Finance at MIB Trieste School of Management.

18 Nov 2021