University of Economics – Varna

New Online Bookstore at UE-Varna

University of Economics – Varna started working on electronic selling of printed media, published by Science and Economics Publishing House. The publishing activity covers a wide range of contemporary knowledge – economics, mathematics, computer science, literature, geography, philosophy, sociology, psychology, legal studies, marketing, management, and etc.

E-bookstore offers visual information of all proposed releases, including textbooks, manuals, guides, tests and other educational and scientific literature for each course of studies that can be purchased online.

The main objective of the electronic bookstore at UE-Varna, EU-BOOKSTORE, is to support current and prospective students, teachers, PhD students and researchers in their educational, teaching and research activities. The university is aware that textbooks and scientific literature are an important part of the academic life. Hence, the mission of UE-BOOKSTORE is to provide high-tech environment and tools for faster and more affective access to the production of the university publishing house.

24 Mar 2016