University of Economics – Varna

Kubrat Pulev gave a talk at an event marking the 100-year anniversary of the University of Economics – Varna

The University of Economics – Varna had the pleasure to have Kubrat Pulev as its distinguished guest on 1 Oct 2020 at one of the events marking the university’s centenary. Pulev, a contender for the World Heavyweight Professional Boxing Championship, met with the members of the academic governance, before giving a talk to students in an open discussion. Prof. Evgeni Stanimirov, the UE – Varna Rector, awarded Pulev the university badge of honour.  

‘I’d like to thank Prof. Stanimirov and his team for inviting me to attend this university’s great jubilee.  I’d also like to thank everyone committed to making these premises look so stunning and congratulate the members of faculty for training people for the Bulgarian economy so that this country could further develop. There is no better place than an economics university for that, especially a university with such a huge legacy. The young people who are going to get their degrees here are the future and they are going to be responsible for the future economy of Bulgaria. Though I’m currently heavily involved in preparing for my next match, we have found the time to pay tribute to this university and its celebrations,’ said Kubrat Pulev.

Introducing Pulev, Prof. Stanimirov said: ‘The academic environment provides plenty of opportunities to students to develop, yet they need even more driving force to further develop beyond their academic environment.  I think of Mr Pulev as a born leader who believes in young people. That’s the reason why Mr Pulev has been invited as our distinguished guest.’

Dr Maria Georgieva from the Department of Marketing was the moderator at the hugely popular event.

08 Oct 2020