University of Economics – Varna

Joint International Master Degree Programme at University of Economics – Varna and three other European Universities

The Magellan Integrated International Master Degree Programme in Intercultural Business is a two-year master degree programme jointly developed and implemented by four different European universities: University of Economics in Katowice (Poland), University of Debrecen (Hungary), University of Economics – Varna (Bulgaria), CEU Cardinal Herrera, Valencia (Spain).

All partner universities are part of Dukenet, an international university network, which has so far produced two joint master degree programmes in commerce and marketing.

This new programme offers a transformative learning experience designed to develop global leaders to lead culturally diverse and geographically dispersed teams in multicultural environments. It aims to create a dynamic learning environment by nurturing psychological, business, and cultural intelligence; by promoting intercultural communication; by teaching about global contexts, competencies, and problem-solving. The programme is based on the synergy of business, leadership, culture, and learning strategies that form a multidimensional framework leading to the development of globally literate business leaders.

The Magellan master degree programme is the first at University of Economics – Varna that provides students the opportunity to study for a term at four different universities. The first term started in autumn 2022 at University of Economics in Katowice (Poland), the programme coordinator. Students went on to University of Debrecen (Hungary) for their 2023 spring term. The third term is at University of Economics – Varna. The final term is at CEU Cardinal Herrera, Valencia (Spain), a highly internationalized leading Spanish university specializing in business. Students complete their 3-month internship and write their master’s thesis by the end of their final term.

Teaching staff are lecturers from the four partner universities and from other universities. All members of faculty have extensive teaching and international business experience. The latest learning methods are used: interactive lectures, case studies, experiential learning, intensive programmes, simulation games, practical training such as meetings with entrepreneurs, study visits, and consulting projects.

The in-depth teaching and practical training help students develop their intercultural knowledge and skills, gaining competencies that provide them a competitive edge in the current international job market.

People who would like to develop their international careers need to develop their intercultural competences, interpret cultural differences and boost their expertise in understanding specific markets and international teamwork.

Magellan graduates may hold top managerial positions in international corporations, such as the position of Managing Director (MD) of Chief Executive Director (CEO), Marketing Director or Director of Intercultural Affairs, Intercultural Communication Director, International Services Manager, Intercultural Training Manager, International Human Resources Director, Communication and Leadership Instructor, Intercultural Consultant, etc.

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06 Apr 2023