University of Economics – Varna

Gold Medals for University of Economics - Varna Students in Dukenet Spring Markstrat Challenge’2021

University of Economics – Varna students took part in this Dukenet partner network event, the first following UE – Varna admission to this organization. The Dukenet Markstrat Challenge is an intensive training programme with over 10 years of history. It brings together participants from partner universities within the international network. Students work in international teams to achieve the market success of their company, using simulation software developed by Markstrat, a marketing training leader with global recognition.

Six International Business students and International Business and Management students (both programmes are taught in English) represented our university in the best possible way, with four of them winning gold medals with their teams (Miray Beyaz, Veronika Georgieva, Antonina Stoyanova, all 3rd-year International Business students; Igor Marishev, 5th-year International Business and Management student. Two students won bronze medals (Mihaela Popazova, 4th-year International Business student, Dilyana Miteva, 3rd-year International Business student). Within a week, our participants had the opportunity to showcase their expertise and gain invaluable experience in working in international teams, analyzing markets and developing marketing strategies along 115 more students from 11 universities.

The event was held with the support of 18 trainers, including Dr. Petar Petrov, the University of Economics – Varna representative, who were either student teams mentors, or student work assessors, or simulation software technical experts, or activity oganisers. The training also involved an international cultural programme, and our student Mihaela Popazova was outstanding in presenting aspects of Bulgarian culture.

Here is how our students reflect on the event. Their words best sum up the forum atmosphere:

Even though I was initially afraid to join the Dukenet Markstrat Challenge, now I am really glad that I did because it helped me to gain experience in the field, improve my knowledge and most importantly helped me transfer all the information that we had learned in class into practice. Such events allow students to connect with people all over world, learn about their cultures, create friendships and work in a team. I would definitely have missed out on this experience and regretted it if I hadn’t joined the event.

Miray Beyaz, May 2021

I'm grateful for this great opportunity to both my university and my teammates! That was definitely one of the greatest experiences I have ever had! Analyzing, arguing, learning and most importantly, having fun working in a team, were the highlights of this training, and I enjoyed them all! Oh, and of course, reaching the first place is a great accomplishment, which I would never have gained, if it had not been for my team and the knowledge which my teachers had granted me.

Igor Marishev, May 2021

This was my second time participating in an international event with students from other countries. The experience was amazing! The simulation game was demanding but I learned so many new things that I would be able to apply in my future marketing analyses. I worked in a team with students from different countries and cultures which was challenging yet exciting, and in the end, we all became good friends. To sum up, I am glad that I was part of Dukenet Markstrat Challenge 2021 and I am thankful for all the things I learned.

Mihaela Popazova, May 2021

13 May 2021