University of Economics – Varna

Corporate Business and Governance

Degree: Master

Type of education: Distance learning, Distance learning (January Admission)

Number of semesters: 2

Professional qualification: Economics

Professional field: ECONOMICS

First year: 2022

Duration: 1 year; 1.5 years
Language: Bulgarian
Mode of study: Full-time

Specific courses:

  • Industrial Economics
  • Organization of Production and Labor
  • Planning and Analysis of Enterprise

Specialized Subjects:

  • Corporate Management
  • Competitiveness and Growth Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Corporate Investments
  • Corporate Controlling
  • Corporate Logistics
  • Master Semester
  • Corporate Culture (elective)
  • Corporate Marketing Strategies (elective)
  • Management of Corporate Intellectual Property (elective)

Expected knowledge and skills after acquiring qualification:
The focus of the programme is on acquiring thorough knowledge and skill in the field of:

  • corporate management – corporate structures, functions and expertise of the bodies of corporate management, corporate culture, social responsibility and good corporate practices;
  • strategic management of corporations and their subsidiaries – development and justification of strategies for corporate development, corporate marketing strategies and other functional strategies for the development of corporations and their subsidiaries;
  • tactical and operative management of corporations and their subsidiaries – common and by major functions of management: logistics, supply, distribution, marketing, innovation, investments, personnel, expenses, finance, intellectual property, ecological development, international relations and participation in the European economic integration, and etc.

During the training are created skills, habits and attitudes for research, managerial and consulting career, for teamwork, taking responsibility and making optimal decisions.

Employment opportunities upon graduation:
The educational content of the master programme is oriented towards training of specialists with higher qualification, capable for effective work in all major departments and divisions of large corporations and their subsidiaries, to organize and administrate the activities of all core business functions, to take economically justified decisions and to ensure the necessary conditions for development and prosperity of the corporations and their subsidiaries (enterprises, factories, research and development units, and etc.). Graduates are able to find realization as analytical and associate professionals and managers at all levels of government corporations and their subsidiaries, in banks, institutions of state and municipal governance, tax administration and social security, in national and international consulting firms, clusters and other forms of strategic alliances.

First year
Studied subjects Semester Credits Type of grading Student involvement
Total Self-study Classes
Management of Competitiveness and Growth 9 8 Exam 240 228 12
Corporate Governance 9 8 Exam 240 225 15
Human Resource Management 9 8 Exam 240 228 12
Corporate Investment 9 6 Exam 180 168 12
Master Degree Seminar 10 8 Ongoing assessment 240 234 6
Corporate Controlling 10 8 Exam 240 225 15
Corporate Logistics 10 8 Exam 240 228 12
Electives (1)
  • Management of Corporate Intellectual Property
  • Corporate Marketing Strategies
  • Corporate Culture
10 6 Ongoing assessment 180 168 12
Total for Specialised 0 0
Electives (1)
  • Thesis Defense
  • Comprehensive State Exam
10 15 Exam 450 450 0
Total for Graduare 0 0
Total for the entire period of study 75 2250 2154 96

Optional courses Semester Credits Student involvement
Total Self-study Classes
Foreign Language - English 10 3 90 84 6
Foreign Language - German 10 3 90 84 6
Foreign Language - French 10 3 90 84 6
Foreign Language - Russian 10 3 90 84 6