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Acknowledgement of education in foreign universities

International Degree Recognition

Varna University of Economics recognizes international degrees in accordance with the Higher Education Act and respective Regulations (promulgated in the State Gazette No.69 dated 2000) and this university regulations.

All applicants for studies at the Master's degree program or Doctoral degree program who have obtained a previous higher education degree in higher education institutions outside the Republic of Bulgaria must go through a procedure for the recognition of higher education acquired in foreign higher education institutions.

The procedure is paid, and for this purpose it is necessary to fill out an Application form, submit certain documents, and a receipt for the paid administrative fee 

Guidelines on completing application forms for international degree recognition

  1. Application forms are completed in Bulgarian or English and signed on every page.
  2. Application forms are filled in by hand in block letters or electronically and then they are printed out. 
  3. If applicants choose to receive emails, they need to specify this in the form.  Applicants may prefer to fill in a postal correspondence address on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. In case applicants change their correspondence address later, they need to submit a new form with the new address. Correspondence and all notifications are sent to the address specified by applicants and shall be deemed delivered.
  4. The documents specified in Article 8 of the State Requirements of the International Degree Recognition Regulations are enclosed with the application, together with other relevant documents at the candidate’s discretion.
  5. The degree and academic transcripts to be recognized are submitted in the original or as a notarised copy. Any other relevant document issued by the educational organization is also submitted in the original or as a notarised copy.
  6. European academic transcripts /if any/ are submitted in the original.
  7. Any other documents at the candidate’s discretion such as international secondary education diplomas, previous degrees and their academic transcripts may be enclosed as copies without any translation and verification.
  8. The documents as per item 5 shall be legalized in accordance with the regulations of the international contracts of the Republic of Bulgaria with the country in which they were issued. In case there are no such regulations, documents are legalized along the general procedures of legalization and verifications of documents. The documents shall be translated into Bulgarian by a certified translator whose signature shall be verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Contact person

Yordanka Georgieva

Yordanka Georgieva

Yordanka Georgieva

Foreign Students Coordinator

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