University of Economics – Varna

The University of Economics – Varna Welcomes Two Lecturers from Turkey

Mehmet Dogruluk Phd., lecturer at Hacettepe University in Ankara, together with Assoc. Prof. Anna Gospodinova, PhD, from UE – Varna gave lectures to students in the ‘Real Estate and Investments’ programme.

The students were most interested in a project, developed by Hacettepe University, which aims to implement an electronic system for identification of illegal landfills, which have developed in large living and industrial areas. After identifying the landfills, the system would send a signal to the municipal authorities, responsible for maintaining the area.

The project is extremely successful and has already been implemented in some of the largest cities in Turkey. Mehmet Dogruluk Phd., introduced the functional capabilities of the cadastral electronic system in Turkey, while Assoc. Prof. Gospodinova presented him information on the cadastral-administrative information system in Bulgaria.

Meanwhile, Prof. Ihsan Demir from Afyon Kocatepe University gave a lecture to Erasmus+ students as part of the ‘European Context of Bulgarian History and Culture’ course. It was related to the origin of taxation systems in the ancient world and the taxation system of the Ottoman Empire. The lecturer focused on the different types of taxes, paid by the subjects of the Empire, and their origin.

It is expected that Prof. Demir will visit UE – Varna again during the International Staff Week, organised under the Erasmus+ Programme in July.

06 Jun 2023