Representatives of UE-Varna visited China

At the invitation of Beijing Foreign Studies University, University of Economics - Varna participated in a forum organized by the Faculty of Economics and Business, Ningbo Municipality and Zhejiang University Wanli. At the meeting an initiative for cooperation between higher education institutions from China and Central and Eastern Europe was launched. The initiative on Silk Road Business School League will finance annual meetings, bilateral cooperation in research and academic exchanges and mobility. During the discussions Chief Assist. Prof. Dr. Alexander Shivarov, director of the Center for International Educational Activities and Chief Assist. Prof. Dr. Vanya Kraleva, Head of "International Relations Office" supported the idea of ​​an exchange of teachers and students through various forms of partnership.


During the visit (9th -14th June) was also negociated the establishing of partnerships with Beijing Foreign Studies University, SolBridge International School of Business – Woosong University, Korea, and the following universities in Zhejiang province: Zhejiang International Studies University, Faculty of Economics and Business; Zhejiang Normal University and Central University of Finance and Economics. Last three universities are located in Hangzhou, the administrative center of the province. The representatives of UE-Varna visited also two universities in Shanghai - the Faculty of Economics and Management of Tongji University and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Tongji University is among the leading universities in the rankings for graduate programs in business administration and maintains partnerships with many universities in Europe. Following the visit it is expected to sign cooperation agreements and to exchange teachers and students under the Erasmus + programme.