Schedule for State Examinations in the Summer (Main) Session - June 2018

Schedule for State Examinations in the Summer (Main) Session - June 2018
Speciality State Examination or Thesis Defence
1. Accounting and Control (Bachelor’s degree) - written examination 19 June
Accounting and Control - oral examination 21, 22, 25 and 26 June
2. Finance, Public Finance, Bank Management, Corporate Finance, Finance and Innovations 25 and 26 June
3. Industrial Business, Corporate Business and Management 21 and 22 June
Logistics, Logistics Management 22 and 25 June
4. Economics of the trade, Commercial Business, Global commercial Business 21 and 22 June
5. Economics of Construction, Construction Entrepreneurship 22 June
Real Estates Economics, Real Estates and Investments 25 June
Business Economics 26 June
Project management 21 June
6. Agribusiness, Business Consulting 21 and 22 June
7. Commodity Science, Quality Evaluation And Examination of Goods 22, 25 and 26 June
8. Management, Business Administration, Public Administration, Management of Human Resources, Management of Organizations, Public Administration and Governance 22, 25 and 26 June
9. Marketing, Advertising and Media Communications, Sales Management and Merchandising, Corporate Marketing, Marketing and Brand Management 21 and 22 June
Communications and Business Development 21 June
International Business (in English) 25 June
International Business and Management (in English) 21 June
10. Informatics, Business Information Systems, Applied Informatics, IT Innovations in Business 22 June
11. Statistics ans Econometrics 26 June
12. Tourism, International Tourist Business, Tourism in English 21 and 22 June
13. International Economic Relations, International Business 25 and 26 June

Applications for admission to state examination and thesis defence will be accepted by Students Division and Master Degree Centre from 11 to 15 June (incl.) 2018.

The order of appearances by halls will be announced by the relevant departments 2 days before the scheduled dates.