Marketing and Brand Management, Master’s Degree

Knowledge and skills acquired upon successful graduation: The curriculum of the Marketing and Brand Management Master’s programme has been developed in accordance with the requirements of the world and European standards and good practices in training of Master’s degree graduates in brand management. Students in Marketing and Brand Management programme acquire a complex of scientific and special knowledge, theoretical and practical skills in the professional fields:

  • planning and organisation of branding processes;
  • planning and organisation of companies’ communications;
  • brand design and brand audit;
  • brand survey, analysis and diagnostics;
  • setting targets and standards, connected with brand management;
  • customer relationship development;
  • formulating and evaluation of customer relationship management strategies;
  • implementation of modern information solutions for automation of marketing processes;
  • development of creative branding skills;
  • collecting, analysing and interpreting information related to sales, market conditions and competitors’ behaviour;
  • interpretation of data and information on market conditions, competitive behaviour and customers’ behaviour;
  • Implementation of modern technological solutions in the sales process.

Employment opportunities: The Master’s degree graduates in Marketing and Brand Management can be prioritized in the following professions and positions: brand specialist, marketing specialist, marketing manager, experts and auditors in marketing and brand management, brand communications experts, specialists and managers in integrated brand communications, experts and specialists in brand design, brand management consultants.

Graduation upon: Complex State Examination or Thesis Defence