Qualification Characteristic

Degree "International Business and Economics"
Educational and Qualification Degree: Master

Professional Field: Economics
Professional Qualification: Economics
Study period: 1,5 years (15 months) / 4 semesters
Mode of study: Full-time

I. Main purpose of the Qualification characteristic

The Qualification characteristic of the Master’s programme "International Business and Economics“ has the following aim:

• To characterize the block of subjects and its aim

• To give short description of the professional knowledge and skills of the Master in "International Business and Economics"

• To provide the basic conditions for updating and improving the educational plan and educational curriculum of Master's education in this specialty

• To guide students, who are being educated, regarding job quotas of possible job positions in their future career.

"International Business and Economics" is the first specialty in EQD "Master", which foresees education with English language teaching to Bulgarian and foreign students in two continents. The education in the specialty aims at building knowledge and practical skills in the field of international business, economics and management. The specialty is created in response to the strengthening economic relations between Europe and Asia and the deriving requirement for forming intercultural skills in the modern dynamic business environment.

The education in the specialty ,,International Business and Economics" is achieved through the programme, jointly developed by The University of Economics - Varna and the Global Business School in Mumbai, India.

II. Professional knowledge and skills

In the process of education, the students of the specialty "International Business and Economics" obtain a wide range of knowledge and skills in the field of International business and global economy.

The first field includes specialized subjects, which give a solid preparation in International business:

- Intercultural Aspects in Business,

- Human Resource Management and Information,

- Modern Marketing Strategies,

- International Strategic Management,

- International Entrepreneurship,

- International Logistics and Production Process Providing.

The second field includes specialized subjects, which give knowledge in the field of economics:

- International Finance

- Managerial Economics

- International Trade

- Asian Economics

- Economics and Society in the European Union.

The "International Business and Economics" programme combines the knowledge and experience of lecturers from the University of Economics - Varna and Global Business School in Mumbai in order to prepare students for the world of the international business. After obtaining educational-qualification degree 'Master in International Business and Economics', the students are expected to have skills for:

•Understanding and managing of business as a system;

• Strategic planning, implementation and control of business processes in small, medium, large and multinational companies;

• Independent information analysis and critical assessment of business risks in an international environment;

• Management of organizational resources and information;

• A start-up and development of their own business;

• Decision-making under conditions of turbulence;

• Building and development of strategic partnerships with counterparts from Europe, Asia and around the world

III. Organization of the educational process in the specialty

The education in the specialty ,,International Business and Economics" has a duration of 4 semesters, allocated in 15 months. The curriculum is jointly developed by the University of Economics - Varna and Global Business School in the city of Mumbai, India. The programme is performed simultaneously at both partner universities. During their education, students have the opportunity to obtain knowledge and experience from an international teaching team and to establish valuable business contacts on two continents, because in two (out of the total of four) semesters, students study together according to the following scheme:

• The 1st semester takes place in the city of Varna for the students of UE-Varna, respectively in the city of Mumbai for the students of Global Business School;

• 2nd semester takes place at UE-Varna for all students;

• 3rd semester takes place at Global Business School for all students;

• 4th semester is spent in the city of Varna for the students of UE - Varna, respectively in the city of Mumbai for the students of Global Business School.

The education in the programme ,,International Business and Economics" for the students of UE-Varna finishes with Master's thesis vindication in front of a committee of UE - Varna.

The students who have completed the entire course of study receive two diplomas for EQD "Master" in the professional field "Economics", issued by the University of Economics - Varna and respectively by Global Business School in the city of Mumbai, India. Each of the diplomas is issued in accordance with the national classification of areas of higher education and professional fields, and in accordance with the state requirements for acquiring higher education degree in EQD 'Master'.

IV. Opportunities for realization

The purpose of the programme in 'International Business and Economics' is to prepare highly qualified people, who are able to find successful realization in national and transnational corporations with different size and range of activities. The profound knowledge of the global economy and business processes, and in particular, the understanding of the specific problems of the European Union and the Asian fast developing economies, shape the graduates' highly valuable profile of specialists in business relation development between the two continents.

The students who graduate EQD 'Master' in 'International Business and Economics' can find a job and a successful realization in the middle or high management level in organizations with International profile in the area of external trade, logistics and transport; in financial institutions and multinational companies with a wide range of activities. The opportunities for professional realization include positions like: business analysts, regional managers, consultants, specialists in the new market development, sales representatives, etc. The graduated students possess expertise in the field of entrepreneurship and intercultural relations, including the establishment, maintenance and development of relationships with overseas partners. This allows them to be involved in the team of different industrial and non-industrial organizations, as well as to start and run their own business successfully.

After completing the Master's degree in 'International Business and Economics' students can continue their studies in a PhD programme.