Real Estate and Investments, Master’s Degree

Mode of study

1 year; 1.5 years

Special subjects:

  • Management of Real Property
  • Urbanism
  • Economics Foundation of Real Property

Specialized subjects:

  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Construction Entrepreneurship
  • Real Estate Investments
  • Business Contacts
  • Tax and Legal Regulations of Real Estate Operations
  • Risk Management
  • Master Seminar
  • Operation Analysis (elective)
  • Public Procurement (elective)
  • Energy Efficiency (elective)

Expected knowledge and skills after acquiring qualification:
Master degree in “Real Estate and Investments” is consistent with the mission and educational objectives of UE-Varna. It provides high quality economic education of students and is a guarantor of effective professional realization. The main objective in the training of students is to gain in-depth knowledge and skills for scientific achievements, regulatory matters and practice in the field of real estate economics, professional and personal competencies, which build upon received Bachelor education.
In the process of training students acquire sufficient amount of knowledge, related to:

  • Management of companies, including real estate agencies;
  • Real estate economics and management;
  • Real estate management in directorates, division and governmental and municipal administrations;
  • Evaluation of real property
  • Facility management, and etc.

Employment opportunities upon graduation:
Graduate students are able to start their own business or to successfully occupy positions in real estate companies, consulting companies, design offices, investment companies, construction firms, banks, insurance agencies, pension funds, state, municipal and judicial administrations and non-profit organizations as:

  • entrepreneurs;
  • managers at real estate agencies; department managers; division managers, etc.;
  • analysts at directorates, departments, divisions, etc.;
  • facility managers;
  • analysts at facility management companies;
  • licensed education center teachers, secondary school teachers or university lecturers;
  • experts in companies exercising financial control of real estate, department, unit and others;
  • real estate economists in companies, state or municipal authorities owning real estates;
  • consultants in investment project management companies for real estate development;
  • licensed property evaluators at banks, insurance companies or agencies (upon receipt of license from an authorized body);
  • experts in the judiciary, and etc.

Graduates can continue their education and acquire PhD degree.

The objective of education is to create knowledge and skills in economics of real estate and property management, evaluation of immovable property, sales of real estate management and management of real estate agencies.

The graduates are able to find employment at different expert and managerial positions in all businesses possessing real property, in real estate agencies, banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions as managers, department managers, facility managers; experts on the judiciary; consultants in companies involved in management of investment projects; as licensed appraisers, etc., and to develop their own business in the field of real estate.