Construction Entrepreneurship, Master’s Degree

Mode of study

1 year; 1.5 years

Specific courses:

  • Management of investment process
  • Urbanism
  • Construction pricing

Specialized courses:

  • Construction market researches
  • Construction Entrepreneurship
  • Management of land for construction
  • Investment Analysis
  • Management of salaries
  • Real estates appraisal
  • Master Seminar
  • Operations research (elective)
  • Business Negotiations (elective)
  • Public Procurement (elective)

Expected knowledge and skills after acquiring qualification:
The main training objective in major "Construction entrepreneurship" is to provide high quality of higher economic education to students in the construction sector and to ensure effective career development.
Within the training process the students in " Construction entrepreneurship" in qualification degree "Master" gain a thorough theoretical and specialized knowledge in the following areas:

  • theoretical and practical problems in the construction sector;
  • strategic management of enterprises engaged in design, consulting, construction and installation and other related activities;
  • strategic management of investments and innovations;
  • market research and sales management of construction production;
  • management of land for construction;
  • research and applied research activities.

Employment opportunities upon graduation:
The graduates of "Construction entrepreneurship" major, qualification degree "master" can develop their own business or to gain success in building companies, appraisal companies, consulting departments, consultants, investment companies, companies investing in real estate, banks, insurance companies, pension funds, state, municipal and judicial administrations, NGOs and others in the following positions:

  • manager of the enterprise directorate, department, unit, etc.;
  • analytical specialist in department, unit and others (staff management; investment activities, project management, pricing; logistics; investment control);
  • expert or consultant in office/institution, enterprise, department, unit and others (management of investment projects in public-private partnerships; in conducting auctions and tenders in construction; management of private public (state and municipal) property) ;
  • economist in construction with a company, state and municipal body;
  • certified appraiser in bank, insurance company, agency or municipality or private practice (upon receipt of certification from an authorized body).

A Master of Economics with a degree in "Construction entrepreneurship" can continue their education and acquire the educational and scientific degree "PhD".

The students training programme is directed to the area of the specific problems of construction industry and the companies that carry out construction and installation works, design and other related activities in a market economy, regional development, urban development, land use management, management of municipal facilities, etc.

The graduates are able to find employment at managerial and expert positions in construction companies, public utility companies and urban development, as specialists in spatial planning, investment process, local administration and self-administration and regional development, experts in business evaluation and evaluators of real property, etc., and to develop their own business in the field of construction entrepreneurship.