Икономически университет – Варна

University of Economics – Varna has become associated partner in EIT Culture & Creativity, the latest EIT Knowledge and Innovation Community

In June 2022, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) launched a consortium intended to create the latest Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC). To date, EIT has set up nine KICs, the latest one being EIT Culture & Creativity.

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology has been strengthening Europe’s capacity to innovate since 2008. With a network of 3,000 partners and over 60 innovation hubs spanning the continent, the EIT is the largest innovation ecosystem of its kind. The Institute supports dynamic pan-European partnerships, EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities, incorporating leading companies, research labs and universities, all committed to solving an urgent global challenge, from climate change to health, to renewable energy.

KICs foster innovation by working across the entire innovation chain: they design unique education courses that combine technical and entrepreneurial skills, support innovation-driven research projects, and offer business and acceleration services, enabling European innovators and entrepreneurs to connect and cooperate.

EIT Culture & Creativity is intended to help strengthen the resilience and innovation potential of the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI) by bringing creative artists, enterpreneurs and organisations to the largest European innovation network: the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. The new KIC will train the sector’s future entrepreneurs, power its cutting-edge ventures and deliver innovative solutions in CCSIs as these industries are key drivers of economic growth and job creation.

In October 2021, EIT launched a call for project proposals, inviting applicants to present their vision of how EIT Culture & Creativity would transform European CCSIs. The winning team, Innovation by Creative Economy (ICE), consists of 50 partners from 20 countries, with Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft as coordinator and University of Economics - Varna as associate partner.

EIT Culture & Creativity involves key players in science, education, culture and business and it is about to share €300 million of EIT funding under the Horizon Europe programme (dedicated funding for two new EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities to be launched in the EU funding period 2021-2027) with the option of attracting more private and public funding.

To facilitate EIT Culture & Creativity’s establishment, EIT will provide KIC with a start-up grant of up to EUR 6 million.

Another Knowledge and innovation Community is EIT Urban Mobility and currently it is financing two projects University of Economics is partner in:

  • TANDEM + "Transformation, Acceleration, Networking, Development, Entrepreneurial Education and Mentoring+”, coordinated by University of Aveiro, Portugal.
  • EUFORIA “Education Framework for Urban Resilience Innovation Activities”, coordinated by The Edge: Research & Buziness Development Solutions, Bulgaria.

14 июл 2022